Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Learning Journal 30

The movie that Ashley showed was...interesting. I'm not sure exactly what we were supposed to get out of it, but it did make me think. The approach of describing society in the clips was so bizarre. Initially I thought it was humorous, but came to realize the observations were so far detached from any amount of emotion and instead focused entirely on pure objective observation. To some degree I can see how it ties into seeing a method of creating field notes. During the first few weeks I will largely have the approach of observing without making an judgments. The reason for that is because I will not be aware of cultural norms until I have seen people interact on multiple occasions to pick up on trends.
I'm not sure if that was part of the purpose of the clip. Out of context, the result was a report of facts that was done in a way to evoke emotion. During the first few minutes, I though it was a joke, or an example of a bad way to report something as it was entirely objective. Every new concept built off of the previous and connected it to the next. Each was lumped into a simple category. Humans were described as such by their large brain, opposable thumb, two legs, and money. I'm not sure, but I don't think I liked the overgeneralized statements because it left me a little confused as to what the point was. The ending thought I had was how unfortunate for those people who rummage through the organic material not fit for pigs. It was interesting and I hope one day I'll figure out what that meant.

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