Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Learning Journal 28

After finishing my presentation today, I felt like I wasn't able to accurately express my proposed project. In part I attribute it to the fact that my topic is limited in the information available in Tonga, which is why observations are such a large chunk of my methods for data collection. I think the other challenge I'm still finding is that applying what I've learned in school is hard. Most of what we concentrate on are residential properties based on design principles accepted in American, and generally Western culture. Since I haven't come across any specific information about that in Tonga, I didn't really have an answer to that question during my presentation. In reality though my project is designed to answer that question. The title I think I'm sticking to is "Aesthetics and Function of Rural Tongan Landscapes". That encompasses understanding the function (the interaction between users and the area) as well as the the visual aspects of design. I recognize the significance part of my project is weak, because it is largely for my own benefit in understanding how my interests can be applied in a developing country. Basically what today taught me was that I have a lot of late nights ahead to finish my proposal.

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  1. Even though I forgot what aesthetics means I think that title is good! Your project is a lot different than the typical field study I feel like it is a good fit and will be awesome in trying to find out the different designs for Tongan landscape! I still think you should think about a healing garden too...