Friday, April 8, 2011

Learning Journal 29

I feel like these journals are starting to get fairly repetitive as the semester is winding down and there is only so much left to wonder and discuss. Actually there is still a lot to think about, but all my effort is going toward the final draft of the proposal. Today in class was another day of presentations. I was grateful to listen to those projects because it helped me realize that we all have some amount of ambiguity in our proposal since we don't really know what to expect once we arrive. We've all done some research and tried to read between the lines on the available information, but it will be interesting to see it all come to life. One presenter mentioned backup plans if she was unsuccessful at getting access into her particular community. I liked that because I realize that my enthusiasm about function may not be echoed in the people I talk to. However a lot of that may be overcome in the approach to talking about function. Most conversations will discuss it in a roundabout sort of way. I'll ask questions like, "How often do you gather in this area?" or "Why is this area so empty?" I hope that things will pan out, and I feel like they will.
Another thought I wanted to write down was the idea of significance. Something I haven't really researched before I did my presentation was the King George I, the constitution and how that essentially dedicated the people and the land to God. There is a lot that could be explored/explained about the function of the landscape from that. Because most people see it as a duty to care for the land, I suppose that will be reflected in its function and aesthetics. That idea still fits in line with my project, just to clarify that I'm not trying to throw a curve ball right at the end. Simply put, I felt like those historical events help verbally justify my intentions and interest in researching in Tonga.

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