Monday, February 14, 2011

Learning Journal 13

The last workshop class was both informative and productive. I have a better grasp on how to implement research methods to gather the information I am interested in. The first workshop I went to was the creative one. Talking with Jay helped me see how to implement the research aspect of the creative project I am envisioning. In addition to drawings of traditional Tongan landscapes, my research can and should focus on landscape designs on a broader scale. Doing this will equip me with a more thorough understanding of implementing design practices in a variety of settings. I think I already had come to that realization once before, but it was good to be reminded and it opens up my research sources. The creative aspect of my project still needs some defining guides, such as how many drawings will I include? What supplies do I need to take with me?
The second workshop I listened to was mapping. I initially went because I didn't know what the method entailed. I found out that it will work great for my project, and that I actually implemented mapping in my first methods interview. I asked the interviewee to draw, or map out their landscape. I am hoping Tongans will be able to help me do this and with a collection of yards, I am hoping to find common spacial functions that could be incorporated into a design. Another valuable approach besides the physical map could be a time map. This could document how things are affected through different growing seasons, possibly including bloom time, prevalent weather conditions, etc. I think my initial mapping method will likely be individual as I make observations in Tonga and gather information in general about how plants are incorporated into daily use. After developing a foundation of understanding I could go in and do participatory mapping with a family, or even a group to determine overarching elements in each landscape.
Both of the sections I went to helped clarify how I can go about gather information. I think this wast the most helpful large section class we've had because it was brainstorming in small groups about specific things, rather than general ideas.

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  1. I really liked how you took what you learned from the round table discussion and really thought about how you could use and apply it to your project. I forget the name of the second station I went to but it had to do with lists and finding out people's perceptions on certain things by making them list things. I think you should look into this method because you might be able to find out different perceptions of how people view their yards and agriculture in general. It also is designed to find out what questions you would still need to ask to find out more or give you new ideas of aspects to study. Hopefully that makes sense but if it didn't and you want more information than come ask me. Good luck! :)