Friday, January 21, 2011

Learning Journal 6

In looking for four additional sources this week for the annotated bibliography, I was excited to come across some applicable books and articles. The frustrating thing is finding an article, and then not being able to view it because I don't have authorization to view it. But after a few more hours of searching I was able to come up with several sources.
The Journal of Landscape Architects from the Philippines had several applicable articles from the issue I saw, but I need to go back to the website and find a few more. I haven't had time to really read through many of the articles because I've only been searching and reading abstracts. The journal is called Muhon and being in a third world country, with limited resources, and an emphasis on improving the quality of life, there is a potential for several other great resources in the journal.
Here are a few other leads for researching.
Discussion on Rural Landscape and Rural Landscape Planning in China
Use of tropical plants in Hawaii in landscape architecture

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