Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Learning Journal 5

I was excited this weekend to begin searching through other library resources after the big group class on Friday. Since horticulture and landscape management aren't large programs at BYU, their representation is a reflection of that. However by looking through other libraries from the HBLL website, I got on to Utah State's library and found a few other journal publications and books. I couldn't access most of them, but I did find some of them through BYU once I had a specific title.
One of those sources is where I got my information for one of the literature reviews. I was amazed because after a few weeks of searching, I finally came across something that was actual research done in the Vava'u Island group. Although the results and scope of the project don't really correlate with mine, there are bits of it that I found helpful. The main benefit is that there is a table listing plants by type, genus, species, and Tongan name. That gives me at least some names of plants to look up and research. Other than that, the journal article dealt mostly with plant succession in ecology. The author cited dozens of sources that deal mostly with other research that's been done in other Pacific Island groups. I'm going to look through some more of those citations and see if I can find some more applicable articles.
Its kind of a challenge to find applicable sources since my project on practical landscape development is kind of usual for a nation in poverty. I think I need to brainstorm some different search words that might yield more pertinent sources.

Link to the Journal article:

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