Saturday, January 15, 2011

Learning Journal 1

My mind keeps running into a roadblock for this first journal entry because there are so many questions to answer and its difficult to focus on just one. But even though my thoughts are scattered, they're related because they are attempting to answer the same topic: what direction to take my research and the project. I realize landscape architecture is limited, and maybe nonexistent, in most developing countries. That means there is likely little to go off of in Tonga, leaving a blank canvas my creative little mind can try to fill. I know that I want to study plants (both ornamental and edible), design (likely based off traditional art), and Tongan culture (what is considered aesthetic and how do plants fit into that). Somehow those three vague interests might make a viable project.
Here are a few brainstorming ideas.
  • How traditional artwork is reflected in landscape design
  • How plants are viewed in Tongan culture and to what extent are they appreciated
  • Use of public spaces and efforts to landscape
  • Develop of sense of what a Tongan garden would entail (like a Japanese, French, or English garden)
  • Gardening practices
  • Tongan relationship with plants

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